Weekend of the Cross is an opportunity for youth and adults from different churches throughout Louisiana to come together for a weekend of service, worship and community.  Middle school youth, high school youth and adults will be housed at Centenary College.  While there, you will enjoy meals in the cafeteria, recreation inside and outside, and inspiring worship services in the evening.  Worship will include an exciting speaker and a praise band to lead us!  The Weekend of the Cross leadership team is making plans so that your work team can make a difference for a homeowner in our community who has no other resources to improve their home.  We will be painting the outside of houses, repairing deteriorating porches, and building wheelchair ramps for members of our community.

This mission experience is designed to be a great first‐time experience for middle school youth and a chance for high school youth to develop as leaders.  Come join us as we are Christ’s hands and feet in the world.   




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