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  • Automated Systems

    The IAS Advanced AutoStart (AAS) is our most advanced control system wirelessly transmitting the field and engine/pump information to our smart technology web-based HarvestWatch software which allows you to see the information and either automatically or manually respond.  Our unique solution is supplied with the necessary engine and pump sensors and a world wide proven Murphy […]

  • Crop Monitoring

    Let IAS help you monitor your growing area and specific crop data. Our IAS TempGard solution can use local wireless remote radio’s with temperature sensors to monitor air, soil or plant temperatures and transmit the data back to the local base station which can be connected to an internet ready laptop to relay the information […]

  • Water Management

    You can configure our IAS Automated Control Systems and our Crop Monitoring systems to incorporate additional sensor technologies, as simple as a flow meter, to totalize your flow rates for state reporting or billing requirements or use additional software tools to calculate cost ($) per gallon pumped to monitor pumping plant efficiencies.

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  • XR3000 – Irrigation Example

    Three Ouptut System

    Example: Scheduled Irrigation with Nutrient Injection for Fertigation and Acid Injection for pH control. Consider a simple XR3000-based Irrigation System with 3 Outputs. Using constant velocity injection pumps for nutrient and acid, timed application can be used during the irrigation cycle to apply a precise amount of nutrient and/or acid with appropriate flush periods. Below […]

  • IAS Introduces XR3000 Family

    XR3000 Agent

    The IAS XR3000™ Family of Remote Monitoring and Control products, adds the ultimate flexibility and control to your automation projects. IAS X3000™ models can work in tandem with Modbus capable pump and engine controllers, and can also function as stand-alone controllers. Adding wireless IAS Remote Sensor Units to your XR3000™ allows automatic control based on […]

  • Internet Of Anything??

    I tried to explain the “Internet Of Things” to my wife the other night. She really didn’t care. However companies like IT giants IBM and Cisco, to ASIC vendors like Broadcom and Intel, to software companies large and small are spending cubic dollars just to market and position themselves within this new buzz-o-sphere. Initially I […]